Ciara Jean Roberts

My mission is to help thousands of people across the globe to awaken their inner physician.

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Exciting News!

'Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive', my first book is now available for you! Get your copy!

About Me

 Hello and welcome to Wholly Aligned! I'm so pleased you are visiting...(cue raucous clapping and cheers)

How can I help you? Chats, yoga at home perhaps just for you, nutrition nuggets, inspiration? It's all here!

Having a previous background in private banking (was it really 14 years!?), you'll appreciate that I understand the stresses and pressures that come with corporate life. I've been there! I feel your pain! How that coffee and toast from Birleys in the morning is such a saviour! (Mine's a black Americano and peanut butter on the toast please!)

Lucky for me I had a compelling health situation with my kidneys that asked me to enquire deeply as to what I really wished to offer to the world in this lifetime - so I threw in the corporate towel in 2013, to create Wholly Aligned.

I meet you now on the other side of the fence, helping you move through your stress, sleep challenges, overwhelm and encourage you to weave in small changes  - we still climb our mountain making small changes.  

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