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Ciara brings you Wholly Aligned
A braid of Yoga, Nutrition and Soulful Sacred Living

About Me


 I'm a yoga facilitator, writer and nutritional therapist specialising in one to one and group therapeutic explorations.

Leaving the world of credit risk and banking behind almost 10 years ago to set up Wholly Aligned.

A vision to help thousands across the world awaken their inner physician  To live a life in alignment. And to start with myself! I can only take another as far as I'm willing to dive... .deep....and depth matters hugely to me. There is a never-ending journey to adventure. Honouring all the way, the sacredness and honouring of life. 

The world of somatic embodiment and continuum hold great enchantment. The increasing ripples we can explore from our interiority to understand how to truly sense and feel our way in the world. Through changing chapters in our lives  Through varying relationships. Through living our purpose. And goodness, all this comes with inevitable challenge, frustration, difficulty and loss. We need a medicine bag that helps us along the way.

Teachers that have and continue to inspire me over the years are Tara Judelle, don Oscar and Cindy Miro Quesada, Sarah Lo, Jill Satterfield, Christopher Wallis, Dan Siegel, Sianna Sherman, Robert Moss, Ariella Daly....and many more. There are so many rich tapestries we can weave - in colour and vibrancy. Together. And alone. Being comfortable in our own skin.

That's the foundation. Allowing yourself to be yourself. 

Also a speaker, writer, naturopathic nutritionist. Dancer. Musician. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. We are all many things. Spinning and weaving in this sacred web of living. I love to draw upon ever golden inner tapestries to share that in one to one and group sessions. I learn so much from each person. In ways that both uplift, integrate and challenge me. To grow, we must challenge and in turn, be willing to be challenged. Otherwise we might get fixed in a view and not realise the trap. This Great Work requires compassion, humour, surrender. Always an ongoing nuanced, complex. layered exploration for each human. It's up to you to find what suits your unique context. Know thyself. There are many paths to truth.

Stay tuned with what offerings are coming up and I share plenty of helpful content too. There are free offerings along the way so do hop onto my newsletter by signing up into the box below.

Reach out, stretch out, yawn out, roar out, with musings or questions here: email: [email protected]

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By doing one learns, through dreaming one creates, with study one refines, in loving one fulfils - such are the wisdoms for tending to the secret garden of our soul.

-don Oscar Miro Quesada

Unlocking your inner physician. Tedx Talk. Be inspired!



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