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My name is Ciara. Ciara Jean Roberts in full - Ciara from my Irish mother, Jean as a nod to my English/Scottish father. Born in South Africa, bred in Zambia. All these wondrous cross cultural influences that perfuse the work I share now in the world. And indeed continue to spark this open question - what does it really mean to be cosmopolitan?

Professionally, an experienced yoga and embodied movement teacher and retreat facilitator, certified too in naturopathic nutritional therapy. Now over 10 years working with many wonderful people one to one and groups, from medics to lawyers, mothers to bodyworkers, writers to journalists…all humans with unique spirit.

This braid of yoga, nutrition and sacred living is my jam. A quester for well over a decade, Wholly Aligned being borne in 2012 as a container for deeper healing. Whole healing. A call to follow a Truer path away from a successful career in banking. Nothing is wasted. All experiences add to the rich fabric.

So yes dear one, it is possible to make changes. Carve out new grooves. Flip it!

Weaving yoga, nutrition, shamanic healing arts, sound, Goddess culture, neuroscience of breath and movement alongside a warrior call to reclaim agency, autonomy and sovereignty. A key piece of my mission is to create a far more open minded, open hearted, clear and courageous change within the modern medical system. This is often confronting, awkward, upsetting, joyful, hilarious, frustrating, rewarding…transformation at an individual and collective level. 

Life, place and body - all gateways in to explore and experience community. A deeper understanding of your own health. And a space to conjure fresh and new ideas about who you are and wish to be in the world.

How very exciting. I truly love inspiring new ideas of how someone feels about themselves. The limiting beliefs about body, about relationship with spirituality, about living a good and glad life….these are such enchanting times to create new pathways. Inner and outer. 

There are so many kaleidoscopic ways to heal, to become who we truly are. Free from societal rigidity. To really develop and cultivate a sense of being in collaboration with yourself and with the energies that are living and alive in signs and symbols all around…

My own journey through teenage kidney failure, many years where dialysis treatments were part of my life, and two kidney transplants, the latest in October 2019 have been (and continue to be) powerful alchemy for inner transformation and understanding. I’m an insider/outsider - so I truly take an integrated approach. I understand medical vernacular and work alongside medics. I also understand that life is full of mystery, spirit, wonder and liminality. The power of our imaginal realm and dreams…once a quester awakens, there is just so much to explore….you’re here reading this so I know it resonates…let it resound ever louder!

What is healing is a big reflection. Healing happens in many forms, often in unexpected ways, when we release the tension of uncertainty. Ultimately it's about relaxing! Which can be the hardest thing….

‘Tension is who we think we should be

Relaxation is who we are’

Chinese Proverb

As deep into the belly of the whale we dive, so too as high we rise. We can be both holy and wildly rebellious. Through the healing arts we spin our wounds into wisdom. Join me on this journey of wholesome alignment. 

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