Having a previous background in private banking (was it really 14 years!?), you'll appreciate that I understand the stresses and pressures that come with corporate life. I've been there! I feel your pain! How that coffee and toast from Birleys in the morning is such a saviour! (Mine's a black Americano and peanut butter on the toast please!)

Lucky for me I had a compelling health situation with my kidneys that asked me to enquire deeply as to what I really wished to offer to the world in this lifetime - so I threw in the corporate towel in 2013, to create Wholly Aligned.

I meet you now on the other side of the fence, helping you move through your stress, sleep challenges, overwhelm and encourage you to weave in small changes  - we still climb our mountain making small changes.  

I chose nutrition and yoga as powerful anchors to help me awaken to my potential. And guess what? They work - and they work very well! Which is why I now share them with you.

I am here to help and guide you so you know you CAN do it. All you ever need is already within you - your inner physician is within you. Whether you are a high flying litigation lawyer up against a punishing 6 week trial or a hospital doctor working long hours in an often challenging environment - I can help you. 

Reach out with your questions - there are always solutions: ciara@whollyaligned.com


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