I came into this world under the glow of the African sun in Johannesburg. Africa is a part of the world very dear to me, especially Zambia where we moved as a family when I was 4 and stayed until I was nearly 12. I had many gifts along the way that sowed powerful seeds in me. One was a mother very interested in natural health and the other was a lovely doctor in South Africa, Professor Thompson, who treated me as a human and had only safe and wise advice for me as a young child, including natural foods, limited sugar and plenty of water. This set a strong foundation that helped me navigate the shocking experiences of a heavily medicalised and coldly clinical western approach when we left Zambia. My own kidneys ceased their function when I was 14 and I was thrown into a spiral of needing to rely on a dialysis machine. It was what I now call my shamanic rite of passage. In order to truly feel for humanity, I had to be initiated into these very dark experiences - essentially a child in a very adult world. This routine of regular dialysis treatments went on for 7 years and then I got the call for a kidney transplant. After a wonderful almost two decades with that gift, another awakening came my way as the kidney began to reject, now in my 30s. It happened unusually over a number of years allowing me to dive deep into fears and wounds and rise the other side of the fire with fresh and hopeful eyes and a wide open heart. Which is where I meet you now.

I am a passionate health advocate as a naturopathic nutritionist and yoga teacher, living a life I utterly adore, from a place of wholeness, truth and positivity. And that includes my current self care requirement of 8 hours of dialysis each night! Yes we can thrive and move beyond the layers of stories and wounds. I have done it which means you can do it too. I also transformed my life from this health crisis to move away from a very stressful career in banking to now running my own purpose driven business, Wholly Aligned. Was it all a walk in the park? Of course not! But it became easier the more spiritual excavation I was willing to enter into.

I have a special interest in the health and wellbeing of doctors alongside of course kidneys which I now know a lot about.  Through yoga and nutrition I believe it is possible to heal at an individual level and for these tools to also be widely integrated into our NHS to heal the collective. Medicine is meant to heal, not destroy, which is what much of modern medicine has been doing.

And I am here to help and guide you so you know you CAN do it. All you ever need is already within you - your inner physician too is within you.

Contact me with questions and enquiries by dropping me an email: ciara@whollyaligned.com


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