Community Engagement

I became involved in February 2018 in the powerful cultural shift represented by social prescribing. Whilst I alongside so many others have been working holistically for many years, the NHS has not. There is now finally a long awaited and much needed shift in placing more of a focus on community engagement to heal some of the deeply embedded societal issues we face around social isolation, depression and hopelessness. 

Social prescribing is part of the NHS long term plan with its intention to empower patients much more to place responsibility of care back into their own powerful hands and of course ease financial pressure on the NHS. The current map of care does not serve and so we collectively need to switch on our innate capacity to heal from within. This requires courage, curiosity and a belief that things can indeed change. This shift is needed for patients and doctors alike. Doctors are stressed and at a high risk of burnout - this is slowly starting to be addressed and indeed has become an area of special interest to me, but it requires an honest look at the current systems and their origins and a brave vision to reconnect more with our hearts, our compassion and our trust.

Interview with Dulwich Medical Centre

I run two community classes, under this social prescribing umbrella via the Parchmore Medical Centre who have pioneered amazing things in their locale. Kindly note these are both on hold during COVID19 and I have an online zoom community class running every Tuesday at 11 a.m since March. All are welcome. Just email me to enquire.

Tuesday at 11 a.m. St John the Evangelist, Sylvan Road, Crystal Palace - community funded with a £10 monthly donation.

Wednesday at 11 a.m, St Pauls. St Paul's Road, Thornton Heath - NHS England funded. 


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