Corporate Yoga

I have been working with a wonderful law firm in the city for a few years and teach two morning classes there. Yoga in the workplace offers a super way to energise yourself be it an early morning class or an evening workshop. The current arrangement I have is employees make a contribution and the firm subsidises and provides a lovely space for the class. Specific pricing can be arranged based on your company needs.

With many companies having serious issues with employee absence due to sickness such as low back pain, various musculoskeletal issues, depression and colds and flu - yoga helps with these presenting symptoms and importantly helps each person tune more into their own body and how to take care of it. This is also key for mood and it is the breath in the yoga practise that is the pillar to self soothe and self regulate.

I do currently have capacity to bring in another corporate class into my schedule as it is work that is so beneficial to you and your team. So please do contact me to chat your needs through:


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