Holistic Health Sessions

Nutrition forms a wonderful tool to start your healing journey. It's more tangible as we can relate easily that what we eat influences our physical health. What we discover too though on this path is that when we truly start to nourish ourselves well, it changes so much more than the physical - it influences our sleep and mood too for the better, we experience less joint pain, less cravings. It's a process for sure and so I meet you where you're at. So don't worry if your current get up and go is a cappuccino and croissant! 

I am a big fan of small changes making big differences. It's important not to overwhelm yourself with change, especially if you are already stressed! It might be we start simply by some deep breathing techniques and eating more greens. When we are stressed, we are more likely to reach out for fast carb hits such as pastries, a quick packet sandwich or that afternoon biscuit....this is all just habit and habits can be changed. Hooray!

Nutrition is no one size fits all. So you let me know what your intentions and desires are for your own health and we work from there. Everyone is different. I work with you as the unique person you are, not just as a set of presenting symptoms. We get to go deeper too on what is really driving your issues. Importantly you come away understanding yourself better and more confident that you can nourish and support yourself well. I draw upon the wide set of tools I now have - from nutrition to breath work to little gems of advice to inspire you. To wholly align you! This isn't the pursuit of perfection, but the gentle road to quiet joy.

For enquiries, bookings or to chat your questions through on how this can work for you, email ciara@whollyaligned.com

Initial consultations:

A health investment of £125. This includes an initial questionnaire for you to complete as a starting point, a full case taking around physical mental and emotional factors, and a bespoke plan for you within 48 hours of your appointment. A holistic hug for you.

Follow ups: £75 - so you feel supported on an ongoing basis. These can be at a regularity that suits you and your needs. Appointments can be arranged via Skype/Zoom to suit your schedule and time zone.


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