Holistic Nutrition Consults

Everyone is unique. One's relationship with food and health is very significant. And the great news is there is so much you can do to help your health improve.  There difference between a poison and a medicine is....dosage. 

Working together holistically, there are no set rules around what works for you. It really is about empowering you to trust yourself more. There are many psychological patterns that influence our habits and indeed beliefs around food. And in turn, how well we are taking care of our body.

So we dive into your sleep, your breathing, your current stresses, symptoms you are experiencing, activity levels...because all these things influence your health. This is the Wholly Aligned way. Discovering what changes you can embrace to move more into alignment with what feels true for you. 

Initial consults are one hour. A bespoke plan with various nutrition and lifestyle recommendations is then sent to you within 48 hours. Follow ups are a super way to feel supported and are at a regularity that suits your needs and situation best.

Initial consult investment: £125

Follows ups thereafter: £75

Email: [email protected]


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