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Exploring the chakras: 6 week yoga course starting 21st June

We will travel through the chakras, from root to third eye. 

Chakra means wheel. Wheel of light. A vortex. So outside of our physical form, are energy wheels - our own force field if you like. Everything is energy. Where your body stops, life and vibrations continue. Reminding us there is no separation, only unity. Pulsating in this unified field. Where all potentials dwell. Oh my. So much to explore isn't there! 

Session 1: Sunday 21st June at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Muladhara chakra; 1st chakra. Root. Foundational. Grounded. Primal
Connected element: Earth
Asana focus: Feet and legs
Bija mantra: Lam
Colour: Red
Endocrine gland: Adrenals
Enhanced energies: Summer solstice. 

Session 2: Sunday 28th June at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Svadisthana chakra: 2nd chakra.Sacral. Creative impulse. Sexuality
Connected element: Water
Asana focus: Hips 
Bija mantra: Vam
Colour: Orange
Endocrine gland: Ovaries and testes

Session 3: Sunday 5th July at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Maniupura chakra: 3rd chakra. Boundaries. Self confidence. Authentic Power
Connected element: Fire
Asana focus: Core and digestive tract
Bija mantra: Ram
Colour: Yellow
Endocrine gland: Pancreas

Session 4: Sunday 12th July at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Anahata chakra: 4th chakra. Compassion. Understanding. Wisdom
Connected element: Air
Asana Focus: Shoulders. Heart opening 
Bija mantra: Yam
Colour: Green
Endocrine gland: Thymus

Session 5: Sunday 19th July at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Vishuddha chakra: 5th chakra. Voice. Truth. Healthy Expression. 
Connected element: Ether
Asana focus: Throat/Neck freedom
Biga mantra: Om
Colour: Turquoise
Endocrine gland: Thyroid and parathyroid 

Session 6: Sunday 26th July at 11 a.m (60 minutes)

Ajna chakra: 6th chakra:  6th chakra. Insight. Clarity. Intuition 
Connected aspect: Light
Asana focus: Third eye awareness 
Bija mantra: Om
Colour: White or deep blue
Endocrine gland: Pineal and Pituitary 
Enhanced energies: Amplified focus on meditation in this session

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