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'Mining the gems' is the overall theme of our next 6 sessions.

Reminding us that to truly embrace our humanity and our understanding of what it is to actually be alive, we need to traverse across sometimes difficult and dark pathways. To reveal and remember our inner brilliance, we do need to face our fears and limiting beliefs. This is mining the gems. Going deeper and going beyond.

Next 6 week course starts Sunday 2nd August. 

Sunday 2nd August at 11 a.m 
Session 1: Sahasrara Chakra - the 7th chakra. Often called the crown chakra. Having explored the first 6 chakras  - we complete the 7th in our first session of the new run. The crown is where we open to the higher understandings and wisdom. Where our intuition and insight expands. 

Sunday 9th August at 11 a.m
Session 2: Dharana. Focussing the mind 
Dharana is one of the 8 limbs of yoga - systematised by Patanjali. It translates to 'single pointed focus' and helps us train our minds. So rather than be stuck in negative patterns or scrambled patterns where the monkey mind seeks constant distraction, we come to still point. Weaving in balancing asana and drishti (eye gaze), deepening your own sense of focus. It all comes with practise so we embrace the wobbles with a wry smile!

Sunday 16th August at 11 a.m
Session 3: The temple of asana 
Asana is another of the 8 limbs of yoga. An overtly westernised approach to yoga leaves people with the misunderstanding that yoga is just movement and poses. That is asana and yes it's a significant part of the practise. However. It is just one of the 8 limbs. In this session we lubricate and strengthen our powerful temple. Our body. That which allows is to richly experience life. The human body is the ultimate portal.

Sunday 23rd August at 11 a.m
Session 4: Pratyahara  - withdrawal of the senses
Pratyahara is another of the 8 limbs of yoga. It roughly translates to sensory withdrawal. Wow. What on earth does that mean and how on earth do we do that?! Ultimately we come to understand that we are sensory beings. However. We start to use our senses as powerful gateways to our inner world. Instead of them constantly taking ourselves outside. To satisfy our impulses of sex, food, drugs, alcohol, co-dependency in relationships, manipulation of power....when the senses are out of control, we are lost. So through practise we invite them in. We literally come to our senses. We rein them in with the higher mind. With compassion. With curiosity. Can we feel one day that all 5 senses are one entire sense? They all perfuse into each other. This session dances with sensory asana, breath and exploring how compelling our senses are.

Sunday 30th August at 11 a.m
Session 5: The three gunas - tending to balance
Ooh you might say. What's a guna? Great question! The 3 gunas help us to understand our constitution. The 3 are i) tamas ii) rajas iii) sattwa

Tamas is still. If too still it's stagnant. Depleted. Dull. We need some tamasic state so we can rest and replenish. Rajas is hot. Fiery. Active. If too hot, we burn. Anxiety and hot flashes of anger might occur. Sattwa is the balancing point. where the two tamas and rajas are even. In this session through creating heat and cooling in our asana practise and pranayama (breath), we can start to sense and feel where our own unique balance point might be. This also includes the foods we eat. Are we eating too cold or too hot. Nutrition will weave a little into this session too.

Sunday 6th September at 11 a.m
Session 6: Diyana - the meditative state
Ok peeps - this is the tricky one. So much expectation can come when we are building our own meditation practise. We cannot be expected to launch into this with an untrained mind or a disconnect from our soul. Or the ego yearning for spiritual enlightenment. Diyana is another of the 8 limbs of yoga. It does mean meditation. However. Consider the coherent map that yoga provides us, as do many other perennial wisdoms. The meditative state is one that comes with practise. With the willingness to sit with ourselves. It is not some sudden zen like event. It is the boredom. The irritation. The regret of past experiences. The painful memories bubbling up. The physical discomfort. This is the 6th session as the previous weeks help support us to set a more hopeful scene. To then be comfortable to sit with ourselves. In this session we will explore various ways to cultivate a theta brain wave. Mantra and mudra will continue to be tapestried into all of these sessions. 

BONUS SESSION: When you register you will also be invited to the bonus session on Tuesday 11th August at 8.30 p.m. This one hour evening session will be an opportunity to go through a True Soul Self questionnaire. So with powerful prompts that I will share with you, you can write down your feelings and what you wish to work on through your yoga practise and day to day life. 

Health investment: £60 per person

I am so looking forward to welcoming you and continuing with the existing wonderful sacred hoop of people we have. It is such an honour and blessing to be part of your journey.

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Sessions are run online via zoom at 11 a.m BST. You just need to have zoom installed on your device.

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