Online Yoga Courses and Workshops

Physically coming together in a studio environment is presently on hold!

Don't worry though - next online course via zoom starts Sunday 10th May, completing Sunday 14th June. All  50% of sales go directly to Brixton Soup Kitchen. Join us! 

Outline of your 6 week sojourn. Theme: Relationship - email me to book

1. Sunday 10th May at 11 a.m: Relationship with your breath (60 minutes)
Experience the power of your own breath. How and why your breath is your most powerful ally. Drawing in part, upon the work by integrated mental health psychiatrists, Dr Richard Brown and Dr Patricia Gerbarg. Blending both the wisdom of breath and the neuroscience. We will also include two more breath techniques to promote greater calm within. Practical tools.

2. Sunday 17th May at 11 a.m: Relationship with your physical body (60 minutes)
Your body rocks! Do you feel that way? Perhaps not. Our body, our tissues hold cellular information. When we move into those nooks and crannies, what might we discover? Buried pain, feelings of restriction, feelings of shame? In this session, we practise surrender and yielding. And realise when we soften into our strength, how the body naturally morphs and adapts rather than forcing our bodies into poses and shapes. We learn to listen to the bio-feedback from within. Always an ongoing practise!

3. Sunday 24th May at 11 a.m: Relationship with your mind (60 minutes)
Oh my, this is where so much of it is at - right? Where's your head at?Basement Jaxx asked us. Indeed, where is your head at? In this session we dive into old thought patterns that are holding us back and listen to the whisperings from within in order to gently heal and integrate that which we have denied. 

4. Sunday 31st May at 11 a.m: Relationship with your heart (60 minutes)
Oh dear heart - please teach me, who I was made to be. Dare we listen to our heart's call? So difficult and painful at times. When the feelings are too much, we harden our hearts. We loosen the connection to this splendid inner wisdom. Weaving in heart opening poses and sound medicine to help gently break up anxiety, tension, old grievances. Ahhhh, welcome home.

5. Sunday 7th June at 11 a.m: Relationship with your soul (60 minutes)
What is the nature of being human. Are we just flesh and bones? No. What is the life pulse that moves through us. Did we forget all is connected? This session is an invitation to connect with the magical hummingbird. Hummingbird sits at the cardinal direction of North on the medicine wheel. Drawing upon the wisdom tradition of the Peruvian Curendero, we explore our True North. Where are we really headed and is that in keeping with our soul's desire? How might we gently course correct using our inner compass.

6. Sunday 14th June at 11 a.m: Relationship with your community (60 minutes)
Do we walk this path alone? Whilst it might very much feel like that at times, we learn and grow so much through shared story and finding a collective that holds a shared vision. That is unique to you. In this session, we explore what community means to you and how through community, we can heal so much. Your family, your friends, your co-workers...your own community and the relationship you have with that. The medicine of communing. Connection.

Investment in the course is £60pp. Experience for yourself the power of understanding the depths of your inner relationships and how that then informs your outer relationships. Leading to better sleep, more kindness to yourself, more joy in your relationships, improved posture as we open up the breath more, improved lung capacity, improved immune health as we take the pressure off ourselves more. So many benefits when we turn inwards.

Email me to book - come join our Sunday Sacred Hoop!


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