Online Yoga Courses and Workshops


Yoga through a shamanic lens. Starts Sunday 22nd November through to Sunday 27th December.

One hour class at 11 a.m. All via zoom. Soul Investment: £60 pp.

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Session 1 Sunday 22nd November: The symbolism of sacred hoop.
Why is it important to have ritual and community in our lives?  in this session, it is like another opening, another portal to enter through. A scene setting if you like for the coming weeks.  Working with the element of fire and ceremonial circle.

Session 2 Sunday 29th November: You can't push a river. 
What you resist persists. Phew. Ain't it so. Takes a while for us to get it sometimes though doesn't it! When we surrender to the sacred flow of life, we really do ease the pressure off ourselves. This session embraces the water element. Inviting us to move with less expectation. Less rigidity. More freedom.

Session 3 Sunday 6th December: The wisdom of trees.
Oh trees. Where would we be without you. Your knowing. Your view. Your capacity to reach to the sun, yet draw deep into the earth with your roots. There is a pose in yoga Vrksasana - tree pose. We will all embody and shape shift into our own trees. This session includes a tree guided meditation. What do the roots have to tell us? 

Session 4 Sunday 13th December. Embodying your most sacred being
This session draws more upon the embodied movement that infuses yoga. A trauma informed approach. With an increasing fascination with embryology, reignited more recently with a 5 day Liquid Flow immersion guided by another amazing teacher, Tara Judelle, we will bow to the splendour of our own sacred form. This session will include a more free from style of movement. And some beautiful supportive music. What can we unlock inside our liquid volume. What speaks to us from our salty cells.

Session 5 Sunday 20th December: The Eagle's Perspective.
I love working with Eagle. On the medicine wheel in the Andes (note there are various interpretations and that's ok!), Eagle is the totemic ally of the East. Our Future that we are walking towards. Our inner compass perhaps. Eagle represents Spirit. Infusing Garudasana (eagle pose) to take flight and travel with our winged ones. We fly high to see the bigger picture. 

Session 6 Sunday 27th December: Pay attention to what you pay attention to
This was exactly our group intention for the whole month in Peru. CJ Ananda, the lead teacher, invited us to work with that. A powerful lens to look through consistently for a whole month. What you focus on amplifies. Which is why it's so helpful we orientate ourselves to what it is we are attending to. Where is our attention being drawn at our expense. Where can it be uplifted for the greater good? A fitting close as the last session towards the end of a very powerful 2020.

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Sessions are run online via zoom at 11 a.m BST. You just need to have zoom installed on your device.


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