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Harnessing Healthy Habits. New yoga course starts Sunday 10th January. Your investment. £60 pp for course.

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Sunday 10th January 11 am: Stepping into a magical story. In our opening session of 2021, we dive into the adventure of the things that lit us up as kids. To imagine the space hopper, hopscotch, the swings, the spinning in circles until we fall down in a heap of giggles. This can all be experienced, as anything can, within our imagination. Can we accept that we are allowed to step into a magical story? Let’s open with fun! Lighten up to brighten up.

Sunday 17th January 11 am: Understanding change is a constant. Change is part of life. In each and every round of breath resides the possibility for change. How connected to that potential are we? This session invites you to dance more in the All. The uncertainty and the habituated mind patterns. The brain predicts based on your collection of experiences. We harness healthier habits when we truly live in the power of change. Can we ride the waves and sit in the caves? All in a guided and safe space.

Sunday 24th January 11 am. Habits in the breath. Imagine a world where everyone was breathing in a coherent pattern. In balance and harmony. Speed bumps in the breath, reveal speed bumps in the psyche. The breath is where the truth is. This session dives deeper into coherent breath. The great mystery of our breath. And also the practical immediacy of relief is brings us. And relief is a very strong feeling.

Sunday 31st January 11 am. Simplicity is transformation Keep life simple. When I was on the tube many years ago, maybe about 19 years old, it was just myself and another young man. Two strangers alone in a carriage, being carried through the night. Seated apart and across from one another, We had a brief exchange and connection. I always remember him saying, as the London boy that he was, ‘just keep life simple.’ It’s true life is complex. The human condition is complex. Yet. What keeps us well is simple. This session invites you to call in three new habits you’re committed to weaving into your life. And it can be easy. Really easy. It’s all about how you frame it in your own mind.

Sunday 7th February 11 am. Communion with your soul Harnessing healthy habits cannot just be about what we eat, how we sleep and keeping the biological status quo. How often are we in a healthy dialogue with the bigger picture? That life is not about us. It’s about the whole. This is what our soul gifts us. Perspective. A greater vision. This session weaves in medicine for the soul. Joy. Connection. Peace. Trust. When we connect with this depth, we are more likely to land in a healthier pattern. Because there is a deeper understanding of what it really means to be alive and have a beating heart. We get over ourselves!

Sunday 14th February 11 am. Loving yourself completely Oh my. Not a whimsical pursuit this one. The self saboteur loves to emerge. The inner critic rises up to punch you on the nose. You? It says. You’re not good enough to do THAT. Who do you think you are to ask for such things? Why did you behave like that. You’re an idiot. Right? No more space for that. This session allows you to turn much more gently and tenderly towards yourself as the blessed one that you are. The star. The brave warrior. The good soul. We harness healthier habits of self love. Yes. It’s possible.

Health investment: £60 pp for the 6 week course. All classes are one hour.

Sessions are run online via zoom at 11 a.m BST. You just need to have zoom installed on your device.

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Feel free to email with any questions too. If you are new to the Sacred Hoop and how this can work for you.


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