Online Yoga Courses and Workshops

Next Sunday morning classes theme: The Science of Yoga. 

Starts Sunday 27th September, completes Sunday 1st November. 11 a.m. One hour of self care. For you.

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All sessions are one hour via zoom. Yoga in the comfort of your own home, with live and loving support.

The increasing studies of yoga and breath affirm many of the ancient texts, just in a varied language. Showing how yoga helps: rewire neural pathways. improve bone density. harness healthier digestion. Lubricate your joints. Build lung capacity. Help release deeply held trauma. And much, much more! Experience it for yourself. That is always the best teacher. Experience. 

All sessions will weave in the tools of yoga that range from asana - the physical poses, pranayama - breath and techniques that build dharana - focus. All this begins to then dance together, so one can then explore deeper states of consciousness and inner awareness.

Health investment: £60 per person

 We will dive into the following:

Session 1 Sunday 27th September at 11 a.m: Yoga for healthy bones

Bones are our foundation. They are mineral reservoirs. Bone is living tissues. Our blood is massively influenced by our bones - white and red blood cells are produced there. Weight bearing poses in yoga asana, can help to build bone density and protect further loss. We ground ourselves too in this session, connecting to the densest of the elements - earth. Representing by our bones in our physical bodies.

Session 2 Sunday 4th October at 11 a.m Your brain on yoga

Learn more about the fascinating neuroscience of breath and somatic healing that can come from attentive and tender felt movement. Exploring the benefits to the brain and nervous system of coherent breath.

Session 3 Sunday 11th October at 11 a.m: Yoga to reduce stress and anxiety

The impact of stress and anxiety continues to explode in the modern world. At a huge social cost. Yoga is profoundly helpful to help us understand the links for ourselves. We will cover more on the nervous system and how breath soothes and eases. In an exploratory way. With movements and mantra to enhance and support the session. Come away feeling lighter on many levels.

Sunday 18th October at 11 a.m Yoga for nourishing your digestive system

Guts! Innards! Core! Are we eating the right foods for our constitution. Are we tending to bloating or acid reflux through our current lifestyle habits. When we turn inwards and feel into how the body is communicating to us, then we can recalibrate. We have an entire gut brain - the enteric nervous system. This session will include some core strengthening to tone intestinal musculature and more passive twists to rinse and cleanse. Alongside tools to help release digestive tension and connect with the gentle enquiry of how perhaps stuck emotions might be there.

Sunday 25th October at 11 a.m. Yoga to understand metacognition. Expansion of perception.

Can we widen our current world view lens. To see beyond our own myopic narcissism. That to remember we are whole, we remember nothing is separate. Learn more how to widen and expand your own view with the nurturing emotions of compassion and love. To see things how they really are, rather than the layer of personhood forcing a rigid perspective. To see through your heart. Remember this is a practise and there's never a requirement to 'get it right'. It's an adventure.

Sunday 1st November at 11 a.m Yoga to explore how generational anxiety might impact your life

Tying in with the growing body of psychology research around ancestral trauma and how patterns can get held and passed down generationally. Fascinating to consider how a distant relative's experience, might have impacted something for us along the way. We embody our senses. We feel. We open up more. 

If you are new to the Sunday Hoop, I'll support you with further detail such as making payment, access to zoom link and any other questions you have. I'm here!

So very excited to share these really empowering sessions with you. Remember. It's always your unique process. You're allowed to be you and you're allowed to take great loving care of yourself.

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Sessions are run online via zoom at 11 a.m BST. You just need to have zoom installed on your device.


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