Sacred Hoop Sundays

The Sacred Hoop began in the first March 2020 lockdown. It has now become one of my most beloved spaces to hold. It truly is a hoop most sacred. Weaving in tantric philosophy, sacred shamanic wisdoms, yoga wisdom and sangha, alongside modern neuroscience and living embodiment, these sessions are a transformational offering. 

The next theme beginning Sunday 11th April is The Tridevi of Goddesses. Sundays at 11 am BST.

We explore these three mythical legends, known as the tridevi: Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. 

New beginnings of course come with endings. And having the gift of ritual to mark endings and call in beginnings has always been so key in the human experience. 

As there is such rich terrain within this to sojourn, we’ll enjoy two sessions for each goddess. There is a pantheon of goddesses and you may well awaken one of your very own. To work with. To heal with. To dream with. To remember.

Saraswati is sometimes known too as the River Goddess. She represents wisdom and intuition.The energy of mermaids and minnows have also been percolating. In these Saraswati sessions, we’ll explore this. The playfulness of myth and legend. That this is divinity mirroring back aspects of ourselves.

Kali takes no BS! I love her for that. She’s fierce. She cuts heads off. Not to be cruel. To help us evolve. It represents the slaying of the ego. The dropping of delusion. The dancing with death. What are we willing to die to within ourselves, in order to reclaim, revive and rebirth. To live so very well. And to die so very well.

Lakshmi is connected to beauty and abundance. She arises from the ocean. Graceful. Bountiful. Reminding us to access our inner beauty and bounty. She helps us pour forth and flow more freely.

Infused in these sessions there will be song, movement, mudra, storytelling, magic, medicine, breath work and much more. Consider all we have moved through this past year. We hoop so sacredly together.

To book, you have the usual account details. If not, please email me

Your goddess investment is £60 for the 6 x 60 minute sessions with the optional additional half an hour after each one for sangha. Discussion and safe space.


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