'I have been loving my precious weekly 1:1 sessions with Ciara over the past 6 years.

She has an innate knack of knowing what would be the best for you at each individual session so each week really is designed to be  specific to you & your current circumstances which will of course change every time . I cannot recommend Ciara highly enough.' Nicole Hackett, Family Lawyer, London

'Ciara is Inspirational, sowing the seeds for change in a very subtle and non-judgemental way. Working 1:1 with her over a number of months, helped me clear the fog so I could recognise triggers and see the path towards positive change. She is hugely knowledgable. Ciara's passion and energy, raises the energy around her. This makes her a strong force for empowering others to live a healthy life.' Suzanne , Massage Therapist, London

'For me our weekly yoga sessions are all about getting to relax a little and also if possible working on my core as I have a 1 year old baby that is getting heavier and I feel that strengthening my core would help!! The fact also of making guilt-free time and space for myself one hour per week seems wonderful. I'm signing up for more of your group sessions as I rarely know what day it is but when I wake up on Sundays and realise it's yoga day, I always feel blessed. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to and to help me getting some 'me time'.' Iria, Mamma, London

Testimonial for Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive. Awakening your Inner Physician: 'I meant to get in touch with you about your book. I finished it a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed the way you introduced your story with your childhood. Your separation from home and family, your first encounters in dealing with your own health issues as a child in a foreign land. It drew me in immediately. Many people who write their biography often choose to begin with a “big moment” in their youthful stage of adulthood. I loved the way you were in close touch with fruit from your garden and the warmth of the sun, also your family and close friends who have supported you through thick and thin. The story is truthful, intimate and naked, in a well-crafted way. Thank you so much for sharing.' Vanessa, London


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