Ciara has a wealth of knowledge and experience that make her yoga classes exceptional.  She shares these qualities graciously and generously, with such articulation – always “planting a seed” to allow your individual practice to grow and creating an environment in which there is both acceptance and challenge.  I have learned so much from her and find her life philosophy and her understanding of health and the interaction of mind, body and spirit – grounded in the wisdom of yoga practice and her background of nutrition expertise – very powerful.   She has an authenticity that stems from her own brave and positive journey and this shines through all her work. 

Julia Pilkington Osteopath London

'I’ve practiced yoga for many years, but after a serious illness I needed something more tailored and a friend recommended Ciara. That was over 6 years ago!

Ciara has changed the way I feel about yoga. Yoga feels less daunting and challenging than it did. It now feels a more integral part of my everyday life, in a really positive way. I have recovered fully and Ciara and yoga have been at the heart of my recovery.' Tracy de Groose, Executive Chair, Newsworks. London

“I can’t recommend Ciara highly enough. When we started I had never practised yoga and wasn’t sure it was for me. Now I can’t imagine my llfe without it and that is down to Ciara. I feel stronger, more flexible and more balanced." Andy de Groose, London

'I have been loving my precious weekly 1:1 sessions with Ciara over the past 6 years.

She has an innate knack of knowing what would be the best for you at each individual session so each week really is designed to be  specific to you and your current circumstances which will of course change every time . I cannot recommend Ciara highly enough.' Nicole Hackett, Family Lawyer, London

'Initially I was introduced to Ciara about 5 years ago, when I won some yoga sessions in a charity raffle. As an ex-rugby player with no prior yoga experience it would be fair to say that I was sceptical. However Ciara has been brilliant and I am an utter convert to yoga. Over the years I have had various back and neck problems as a result of being tall and playing rugby. The yoga has been a real help with my core strength and posture and I have had very few problems of late. My flexibility has also improved greatly as has my ability to relax my muscles. Ciara is a great teacher and adapts every session to my mood and energy levels. In short I cannot recommend her more highly.

Since the lock-down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic I have continued my one on one sessions with Ciara via Zoom and they have been excellent with very little discernible difference, especially when I have my eyes shut!' Adam Freeman, Law Firm Partner. London

'Ciara is Inspirational, sowing the seeds for change in a very subtle and non-judgemental way. Working 1:1 with her over a number of months, helped me clear the fog so I could recognise triggers and see the path towards positive change. She is hugely knowledegable. Ciara's passion and energy, raises the energy around her. This makes her a strong force for empowering others to live a healthy life.' Suzanne , Massage Therapist, London


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