'Initially I was introduced to Ciara when I won some yoga sessions in a charity raffle. As an ex-rugby player with no prior yoga experience it would be fair to say that I was sceptical. However Ciara has been brilliant and I am an utter convert to yoga. Over the years I have had various back and neck problems as a result of being tall and playing rugby. The yoga has been a really help with my core strength and posture and I have had very few problems of late. My flexibility has also improved greatly as has my ability to relax my muscles. Ciara is a great teacher and adapts every session to my mood and energy levels. In short I cannot recommend her more highly.

Since the lock-down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic I have continued my one on one sessions with Ciara via Zoom and they have been excellent with very little discernible difference, especially when I have my eyes shut!' Adam, Lawyer. London

'For me our weekly yoga sessions are all about getting to relax a little and working on my core as I have a 1 year old baby who is getting heavier and I feel strengthening my core would help!! Also making guilt-free time and space for myself one hour per week is wonderful. When I wake up on Sundays and realise it's yoga day, I always feel blessed. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to and helping me get some 'me time'.' Iria, Mamma, London

'I have been loving my precious weekly 1:1 sessions with Ciara over the past 6 years.

She has an innate knack of knowing what would be the best for you at each individual session so each week really is designed to be  specific to you & your current circumstances which will of course change every time . I cannot recommend Ciara highly enough.' Nicole Hackett, Family Lawyer, London

“I can’t recommend Ciara highly enough. When we started I had never practised yoga and wasn’t sure it was for me. Now I can’t imagine my llfe without it and that is down to Ciara. I feel stronger, more flexible and more balanced." Andy, London

'I’ve practiced yoga for many years, but after a serious illness I needed something more tailored and a friend recommended Ciara. That was over 6 years ago!

Ciara has changed the way I feel about yoga. Yoga feels less daunting and challenging than it did. It now feels a more integral part of my everyday life, in a really positive way. I have recovered fully and Ciara and yoga have been at the heart of my recovery.' Tracy, Executive Chair, Media, London

'Ciara is Inspirational, sowing the seeds for change in a very subtle and non-judgemental way. Working 1:1 with her over a number of months, helped me clear the fog so I could recognise triggers and see the path towards positive change. She is hugely knowledgable. Ciara's passion and energy, raises the energy around her. This makes her a strong force for empowering others to live a healthy life.' Suzanne , Massage Therapist, London


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