The Book

Wholly Aligned. Wholly Alive: Awakening your Inner Physician by Ciara Jean Roberts (yes. me!)

Yes! I wrote a book. Always been a dream of mine, since my 20s, to write a book. To be a published author. I could not have imagined back then, the book I birthed would be so personal.

This was a powerful alchemy and catharsis. To write from my heart about my journey with my kidneys.

The book is about you though. To inspire and empower you. To awaken your own inner physician. To create the life that is aligned with your own unique dreams and visions.

I weave in practical tips for you. I know overwhelm and anxiety can feature. Especially when we are making adjustments to long held patterns. Such as how we feel about ourselves. Such as our food choices.

And of course when we might have a long term illness in the mix. You don't need to be defined by that. 

The best things to do. Is to simply start somewhere. That is in resonance for you. No rules and regulations. 

Just you. Honouring and dancing with your own intuition. 


If you are in the UK, ping me an email and you can source the book directly from me. 

Bulk orders can also be arranged.

Book available internationally in all the usual outlets. 

You can check out reviews here. Read how others have loved the book. Yay! 


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