One to one Wholly Aligned Yoga

One to one sessions with Ciara

These are online via zoom or in my home in Ramsgate, in a dedicated room (aka The Medicine Lodge - a sacred and inviting space)


6 week course £420 pp (6 x one hour sessions to be taken within 2 months of booking at a mutually agreed time and place)

Ad hoc sessions: £80 for an hour

What I bring to you:

*First and foremost an open heart and open mind to truly listen to your unique needs and wishes. To meet you where you are at. This is not about performing shapes, it is about creating a safe space for you to tune into the rivers and spirals within. A combination of breathing, movement, conversation, and always finishing with a relaxation at the end. To integrate. To bear witness to your experience.

*Teaching and holding space for one to ones and various groups for over 11 years, has created such a wondrous body of knowledge. I learn from each of you I work with. It is a collaboration, never a mandatory instruction

Life and formal studies to date include:

200 hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) with Frog Lotus, Spain 2012

300 hr YTT in Peru - shamanic medicine wheel, Ayurveda, Sound and Yoga, 2015

50 hrs Yoga for Mental Health with Ashley Turner 2018

100 hrs Yin Yoga, Compassion and Somatic regulation with Sarah Lo 2017-2021

Coherent breathing/6/6 breathing studies  - helping you reach your own adaptive capacity to breathe - our respiratory rate profoundly influences our nervous system. Ongoing and fascinating to me. And I really yearn for you to know this too.

Various deep dives into embodiment and 1:1 mentoring with Tara Judelle (the teacher needs teachers!) 2014 - 2021

ISITA Foundations with Manuela Rishke Reeds - Innate Somatic Intelligence Trauma Therapy Approach 2022

Sacred Dance (Embodied Movement) with Julie Martin, Sweden 2022

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition carrier - immersions in the cosmology of life, the animistic cultures of Peru with don Oscar Miro Quesada and Goddess cultures with Cindy Miro Quesada

My own experience navigating and creating a good life, through the ups and downs, whirls and swirls. 

Email and we can arrange a chat and see how we fit. That's the most important - that the relationship resonates, so we can dive deep to rise exalted. 

Get in touch, reach out...

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