Wednesday Evening Yin Yoga


Online via zoom - book here

60 minute session for decompression, sweet surrender and calm. 

Yin yoga is a floor based (no standing poses) passive style of practice. 3 key pillars of this practice:

1. Playing the edge - coming into an appropriate place where you can be with your body and yourself. This can be challenging when the nervous system might be in a hyper-vigilant state. 

2. Holding the poses  - duration is key in yin yoga. The invitation to keep dropping in, like a smooth pebble in a crystalline lake. The length of holding helps to create a healthy tug in the fascial lines. Allowing the inner rivers and streams for slow with greater ease and kindness.

3. Tracking sensation - this builds somatic awareness. Namely, awareness of body. This vast exploration of muscular tension, nervous system patterns and what it really means to cultivate compassion for oneself and others. 

Yin yoga benefits:

*Helps to improve sleep

*Helps with joint issues

*Helps with self acceptance and self love. How much comfort can we invite in - to simply be

*Calms the inner turbulence. This can also mean it awakens uncomfortable feelings like anger, disappointment, deep grief - as we are letting ourselves sit in more and more stillness to harness a wider sense of being-ness in the world

You are warmly invited to join. Booking here

Any questions, do drop me a note [email protected]


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