The journey of Thirteen Full Moons


A Moonlit path in 2023 to inner transformation. Hosted virtually via zoom.

ONE MORE FULL MOON NOW BEFORE THE CLOSE OF 2023. Join us here for a post festivities morning release Cold Moon 27th December

There’s 13 in 2023 because we have a Blue Moon in August 2023. Monthly 75 minute sessions held at Full Moon time.

This lovingly curated course helps you to:

*Cultivate connection and belonging through nature & ancient mysteries

*Develop your inner compass of intuition

*Embody 13 different Essences, Qualities and Intentions throughout the year

*Learn more about the Moon through the lens of different cultures

*Experience healing of the deeper unconscious

*Strengthen the temple of your physical and energetic body

*Journey into new aspects of yourself

Enter the Magical Doorway here to explore more about each Full Moon

For ad hoc booking - all sessions are open for booking

How to book?


What's included?

All sessions are recorded so you can attend live and/or enjoy the on demand recording.

For each session you sign up for, a Lunar Love Letter, with thematic gentle suggestions and reflections, is sent out the day before we gather.

Any questions, reflections, musings....send them my way...

Email: [email protected]


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